Financial Planner serving clients from South Surrey/White Rock to Burnaby, Vancouver... and beyond

"Carey's style of interacting with me has involved the rare combination of business-like efficiency coupled with the ease of talking to a friend. I've been impressed with his financial knowledge and very much appreciated the promptness with which he replies to e-mails and phone calls."

Les Peters, Teacher - client since 1999 (South Surrey / White Rock, B.C.)

"My wife and I enjoy working with Carey Vandenberg. Carey offers a lot of true wisdom when it comes to financial matters. He is a man of integrity and I highly recommend him."

John Tsang, Pastor, Richmond, BC - client since 1997

"I like your approach to making my funds grow at a steady pace. Who needs the wild swings which only cause indigestion and sleepless nights. I can call you at any time to ask your opinion and advise."

Allan Davidson, Marketing Manager, Teck Corp., Vancouver, B.C. - client since 1995

"After talking to many people about their financial advisors, Carey is one of the most compassionate, and customer oriented individuals I've known."

Ron Modi, Client since 1988 (North Vancouver, B.C.)

Your Financial Planning Team

My Financial Planning "Partners"

Financial Planning encompasses many different areas of specialization which is why I have a team of professionals that can advise on each part of your situation to ensure we put together a strong, cohesive financial plan for you.


Narinder Johal - Accountant

Narinder Johal and his team provide thorough and proactive advice (Burnaby,BC)


Stephen Cheng - Actuary

Stephen Cheng and his staff assembles and oversees the administrative details on Individual Pension Plans (IPP's), Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA's) and Registered Pension Plans.

Financial Planning, Wealth Management & Insurance

To make sure you have the best people working for you, I have 2 key Financial Planning associates who I rely on:

Kevin Gebert CFP (Surrey, BC)

Kevin is someone I may pull in to deal with a client's insurance need. I may also use him as my work overflow conduit particularly when I think, someone looking for a Financial Planner, would be a better fit to serve their needs. Of course, I am kept abreast of what is going on and should there be any concerns I want to hear them.

Arnold Machel CFP (White Rock, BC)

I recognize that you rely on me greatly to oversee your financial and retirement plan. My most trusted colleague, Arnold Machel is the person who fills my shoes should an emergency arise for you and you need something dealt with promptly and with the same care and professionalism you expect from me. We also have a formal "Buy / Sell" agreement in place, whereby in the event of either of our untimely death or disability the other will take over completely on all business and client relationship responsibilities. Arnold and I share and are committed to the same life foundations and business philosophy. So in the unforeseen event that I can no longer be there for you, you will be very well taken care of. Does your current advisor have such a HAND PICKED arrangement in place for your protection and assured continuity of service or will you be passed on to a juniour advisor or worse, simply be left hanging?


Inc Business Lawyers (Richmond, BC)

Don Moir can help you incorporate, do a mortgage on a home, review or draft a will, lease or contract. He provides wisdom in his advice and counsel.

Mortgage Advice and Brokerage

Peggy Sheppard, Senior Mortgage Broker, Invis (Serving, Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, White Rock and beyond

There are a lot of mortgage brokers out there and I have worked with a number over my Financial Planning career but few have the combination of experience and integrity that Peggy provides. You can click on the link above to get all her contact info.

Insurance and Risk Management

PPI Solutions and PPI Advisory

This is very much a team approach when working on insurance cases. I rely on the team of insurance and estate specialists at PPI in conjunction with a wide range of insurance companies for complex cases. Together we explore all options for the holes identified in the "risk management" part of your financial plan.