Financial Planner serving clients from South Surrey/White Rock to Burnaby, Vancouver... and beyond

"Carey's style of interacting with me has involved the rare combination of business-like efficiency coupled with the ease of talking to a friend. I've been impressed with his financial knowledge and very much appreciated the promptness with which he replies to e-mails and phone calls."

Les Peters, Teacher - client since 1999 (South Surrey / White Rock, B.C.)

"My wife and I enjoy working with Carey Vandenberg. Carey offers a lot of true wisdom when it comes to financial matters. He is a man of integrity and I highly recommend him."

John Tsang, Pastor, Richmond, BC - client since 1997

"I like your approach to making my funds grow at a steady pace. Who needs the wild swings which only cause indigestion and sleepless nights. I can call you at any time to ask your opinion and advise."

Allan Davidson, Marketing Manager, Teck Corp., Vancouver, B.C. - client since 1995

"After talking to many people about their financial advisors, Carey is one of the most compassionate, and customer oriented individuals I've known."

Ron Modi, Client since 1988 (North Vancouver, B.C.)

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Financial Planning is a life long process. The Lifestyle Questionnaire below will help me understand you which will in turn build the lifestyle you want. It is much like writing out some points on what you want the story to look like, YOUR story and from that we can put the pieces of the book in place to make it happen that way.

I am committed to sticking with you all the way to living it. I believe you will find the process both enlightening and satisfying.

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How old are you and what is your marital status?

When you aren't working how do you spend your leisure time?

What are some of the things that you want to achieve / do over the next:

1 year or less

3-5 years

10 years


If money was no object, what would be the first 5 things that you would buy, do, embark on?

If you could work at any other job rather than the one that you have, what would it be?

"I would like to retire when I am ."

If retiring at the above stated age isn't workable would your choice be to live on less money or retire at a later date?

What will you miss most about the job that you have today?

What is your definition of "retirement"? Write down what it will look like I.e. Where will you be living, what kind of housing etc.

What do you expect to be doing in "retirement"? (list all of the activities you can think of and their frequency - be specific!)

If you were retiring today how much spendable (after-tax) income do you think you would need?

Are you expecting an inheritance that would supplement your current financial position?
If so, will that amount be: a) under $100,000 b) $100,000 - $500,000 c) $500,000 to $1 million d) over $1 million?

How important is it to you that an "estate" be left to your children (if applicable)?

What are your children's ages currently (if applicable)?

If you have school age children, which of the statements comes closest to your thoughts on paying for post secondary education?
a) They are on their own b) They pay 1/2, I'll pay 1/2 c) I'll cover most of everything for local education d) The skies the limit!

What are your parents' ages?

If they are no longer with you, until what age did they live?

"My biggest concern / hurdle right now is........" (doesn't have to be related to money)

"My biggest fear right now is......"

Over the last 5 years what would you have done differently in your life? (doesn't have to be related to money)

If you had a financial advisor / planner previously what could he / she have done better? What did they do well?

How can I make the most valuable contribution to your life today?