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Life Insurance for Your Mortgage

Buy It From the Bank or Get Your Own?

When it comes to our mortgage most of us will take the time to shop around for good interest rates and terms that suit our needs, but we may be inclined to take whatever is offered, or "the path of least resistance" when it comes to mortgage life insurance. This easy route tends to mean much higher costs for you with less flexibility and less certainty.

First, you need to see this CBC report on "Marketplace" which shows that you may actually faithfully pay your mortgage insurance premiums but when either you or your spouse dies you may not actually get anything.

Click here to watch the full CBC Marketplace report.

Here are the other facts on mortgage life insurance, the kind sold by banks with your mortgage:

If you buy your own policy:

Some cost comparisons (life insurance on $300,000 mortgage):

Bank of Montreal - $90 month
Bank of Nova Scotia - $84 month
TD Bank - $60 month
Equitable Life - $32.75 month

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