Financial Planner serving clients from South Surrey/White Rock to Burnaby, Vancouver... and beyond

"Carey's style of interacting with me has involved the rare combination of business-like efficiency coupled with the ease of talking to a friend. I've been impressed with his financial knowledge and very much appreciated the promptness with which he replies to e-mails and phone calls."

Les Peters, Teacher - client since 1999 (South Surrey / White Rock, B.C.)

"My wife and I enjoy working with Carey Vandenberg. Carey offers a lot of true wisdom when it comes to financial matters. He is a man of integrity and I highly recommend him."

John Tsang, Pastor, Richmond, BC - client since 1997

"I like your approach to making my funds grow at a steady pace. Who needs the wild swings which only cause indigestion and sleepless nights. I can call you at any time to ask your opinion and advise."

Allan Davidson, Marketing Manager, Teck Corp., Vancouver, B.C. - client since 1995

"After talking to many people about their financial advisors, Carey is one of the most compassionate, and customer oriented individuals I've known."

Ron Modi, Client since 1988 (North Vancouver, B.C.)


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